First off, send us a picture of your design, rough hand sketch, or simply a written description of your idea, along with all necessary informations ( stones types, shapes & sizes - model specific thicknesses & dimensions - kind & color of metal - ring size - expected weight - separate parts & any other remarks.. ) the more details, the better.


After reviewing your submitted order, a preliminary estimate quote will be sent back to you for your consideration. We can provide you with an accurate quote only after CAD modeling completion, which lists our basic CAD/CAM services charges, in addition to the outsourced services (optional) like casting (include metal rate) and shipping.


Upon estimate agreement, our designers start translate your design into 3D CAD model, using a collection of high-end Jewelry designing softwares. After completion, we send you multiple rendered pictures of the generated CAD model, captured from different views. The CAD model will be refined repeatedly, until it meets your approval..


As the CAD model is successfully completed and ready for printing, payment must be made with reference to the final quotation. We accept payments via Bank Checks, Bank Transfer (wire transfer, TT), Western Union or MoneyGram, we will send you our payments details. The online payment facilities are currently unavailable.


Once we receive your payment or simply a copy of your bank transfer receipt, the last phase of the process is to fabricate the wax model using the most precise prototyping machine in the Jewelry industry. We can also cast (outsourced) your model in metal (it's recommended to avoid any wax cracking during different shipping stages).


All International Packages are shipped via DHL, Aramex, Fedex, UPS.. The cost and delivery times will vary depending on quantity, and location the package is being shipped to. Unless you select your own shipper, we will choose the best one based on your order, destination and delivery time.

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Jewelry Rapid Prototyping Services
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